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Defence and Homeland Security are facing unprecedented challenges in the present scenario and it calls for development of advanced tactical and strategic warfare systems. The Defence organization face challenges to meet stringent requirement while innovating advanced technology products and keeping it cost competitive. The offset bindings by nations are forcing major Defence product and solution providers to outsource / offload a portion back to home country.

AXISCADES is recognized as the leading partner to the global aerospace & Defence industry and has proven its leadership addressing the strategic needs across air, ground and marine systems by having developed and deployed Defence solutions. Drawing on the vast experience from armed forces, AXISCADES continues to evolve its capabilities to counter emerging threats to protect and meet the civil and military security needs of India and globe.

Solutions for Defence Industry

AXISCADES end-to-end solution in Mil-Aero electronics domain, Software and Simulation, Product Development, Test Solutions, Obsolescence management and Manufacturing uniquely position it as a core Defence and system integration partner. AXISCADES is an authorised India Offset Partner (IOP) for various global OEM's and have successfully established strategic partnerships for executing the Offset obligations. We are certified for Defence manufacturing in India.

AXISCADES solution offering includes

AXISCADES is rightly positioned to offer strategic advantage to meet global Defence, Aerospace and Homeland Security needs; and has developed an extensive portfolio of Defence solutions and products

Among these solutions are the Aircraft Recognition Training System, a realistic training process used to enable personnel to effectively identify aircraft as friend or foe for intelligence gathering and quicker responses; Bird Detection and Monitoring Radar System, a robust system used to effectively prevent Bird Airstrike Hazards, both Military and Civil and Air Defence Training Simulator to create life like combat air situations that can only be experienced on the Battlefield.

Our Other Electronic Warfare Systems
Test Solutions, Ground Handling and Support Equipment
RF systems and Sub systems

Defence Case Studies

  • Design and development of automated test rig, ground handling and support system for military upgrade program
  • Design and analysis of Deep-Space Antenna
  • Design, analysis and optimization of a camera structure for satellite