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Radar Data Processing System The RDP accepts plots and reference signals from radars, processes them, filters out clutter and unwanted information, initiates tracks and updates them maintaining high accuracy of track parameters even in high maneuver situations and displays them on Air Situation Display. The RDP can be configured for any Radar System.
RDP Situation Display

RDP Functionalities

  • Plot Processing.
  • Clutter Correlation.
  • Track Correlation.
  • Track Initiation.
  • Track Resolution.
  • Track Update.
  • Mirror Track Initiation.
  • DR Update and Kill Track.
  • ASTERIX format output of Plot, Track and Reference Signals.
  • Upgradeable and scalable in Plot and Track handling capability ensuring desired response time.


  • Quick initiation of real tracks
  • Minimum spurious track generation
  • Track maintenance even in case of turning, merging and crossing tracks
  • Uninterrupted track maintenance under low PD
  • Can interface with any radar including phased array radar
  • Customized hardware interface
  • Track output data in any user defined format in addition to ASTERIX
  • User friendly GUI configurable to user’s requirement
  • Advanced tracking algorithms like IMM-MAT used
  • Diagrammatic features to assess quality of radar output