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A Smart and Safe Way to Train
AXIS CADES has developed a multiplayer networked ‘Counter Terrorism Training Simulator’ to aid security forces in planning Counter Terrorism operations. Players can use the tool to conduct realistic training sessions of operations in a Counter Terrorism (CT) / Counter Insurgency (CI) scenario comprising of security forces and terrorists. Major sub-systems are summarized in this brochure.
Deployment of Company Operating Base

Situational Set-up:

This comprises all functionalities related with the initialization and setting up of the CT/CI environment such as:

  • Locating operating bases of the security forces (at selected location), onsidering terrain features
  • Automatic/Manual placement of security picquets with the help of LOS view
  • Allocation and simulation of weapons / surveillance equipment to security forces and the terrorists
  • Automatic/manual route creation tool to plan and analyse routes to the target location
  • Plan and analyse engagement zones and recovery after action
  • Simulate weather conditions that affect visibility and engagement capability.
UI displaying the information of a database record

MIS Module:

Manages the backend database containing information used in operational planning and execution

  • To create a MIS comprising of information such as village population data, terrorist particulars, FIRs registered, training level of security forces, important people in the area (potential targets), radio intercepts etc
  • Generate meaningful queries to derive intelligence for CT operations planning
  • View the results in a tabular / graphical form as well as on a digital terrain
Scenario during game execution

Gaming module:

Includes the game-playing aspects of the software such as:

ADTS Instructor Console functions in four mutually exclusive modes:

  • Movement: Movement of security forces and the terrorists along pre-set routes. The speed will be determined by terrain, environment, passage of time etc.
  • Detection: Inter visibility computation between the opposing forces factoring terrain, environment, night vision devices, effective area of target (posture and position), fatigue etc.
  • Engagement and Casualty Generation: Carry out an auto/manual engagement between entities factoring weapon characteristics, effective area of target (posture and position), SSKP etc.
3D visualization of the movement of the security forces


The UI is built over a GIS backbone with the following features:

  • Manual/automatic handling of maps and images of various file formats, datum and projections.
  • Layered presentation of maps in a Table of Contents and selective viewing.
  • Terrain doctoring using drawing tools for point, line and polygon geometry.
  • Change detection.
  • Identification of features in a loaded vector
  • 3D view of the area of interest and all entities deployed within area with facility to flythrough / walkthrough navigation.