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Aircraft Recognition Training System In military scenarios, the need to identify aircraft is stringent as any erroneous identification can result in fratricide. Aircraft recognition is a visual skill taught to military personnel and civilian auxiliaries since the introduction of military aircraft in World War I. It is important for air defense and military intelligence gathering. AXIS CADES Ltd has developed an Aircraft Recognition Training System that has the capability to display 3D realistic models of various military aircraft (fighters, Transporters, Helicopters and UAVs) and carry out realistic training.
  • Detection of the aircraft in a realistic environment
  • Identification of the aircraft as a whole
  • Recognizing the individual features of the aircraft
  • Evaluating the recognition capability of the trainees
ARTS Comparison Mode of Training On Similar Aircraft Type
Air Defence Training Simulator (ADTS)

Networked System

  • Comprises of an Instructor console for carrying out web based training and testing
  • Comprises of student consoles for group and individual training
  • Comprises of projection system with 5.1 surround sound for realistic projection of images and sound generation with Doppler/spatial effects

Training Methodologies

The training program involves sessions conducted on understanding the various aspects of understanding the finer aspects of flying object recognizer. The instructor can perform training in following aspects:
View Model of Mirage 2000

Networked System

  • Individual Feature Training.
  • Individual Aircraft Training.
  • Aircraft Comparison training.
  • Identifying Aircraft in simulated Environment.
The instructor will perform tests on evaluating the skills of the trainee in correct identification of an aircraft in a complex environment.

WEFT Training Methodology

The system uses the WEFT training methodology to identify the major features of an aircraft. The WEFT features illustration showing Wings, Engine(s), Fuselage and Tail features of aircraft. The system consists of a database of aircraft on different category for extensive training.
Real Image of Mirage 2000
3D model of Mirage 2000