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Air Defence Training Simulator
Smart way to Train at Low Cost
AXIS CADES’ Air Defence Training Simulator (ADTS) simulates numerous Air Defence radars, digital terrain based war like operational air situations with realistic emitters and platform characteristics and automatically generates relevant radar pick ups to train operators in battlefield EW environment.
Air Defence Training Simulator (ADTS)

Technical Features

  • Open ended, software based, multi user, multi-media and multi terminal system
  • Customised software package
  • COTS systems
  • Linux OS for security
  • User friendly and interactive
  • Fault tolerant dual LAN system
  • Maintenance CBT (Computer Based Training)
  • Hot standby
  • Scalable
  • BITE

Operational Features

  • Train radar crew of Air Defence Artillery in realistic electronic warfare environment
  • One instructor and multiple student configuration
  • Replaces expensive live EW system
  • Realistic simulation of flight profiles
  • Facility to configure air missions
  • Simultaneous training on multiple air defence artillery radars
  • New radars can be configured
  • Realistic simulation of electronic warfare effects
  • All types of ECM simulated
  • All types of ECCM available
  • Student Evaluation
  • Debrief system
  • Large Screen projection
  • Multiple Environment Simulation
Instructor Console

Instructor Console

ADTS Instructor Console functions in four mutually exclusive modes:

  • Database Management.
  • Exercise Preparation.
  • Exercise Execution.
  • Debrief & Evaluation.

The simulation engine takes inputs from database and exercise files, and simulates the scenarios using the depicted operational situation and EM propagation theory. Various Enemy aircraft, their formations, flight plans and EW tactics are simulated. Environmental conditions and aging factors are also simulated. The instructor deploys various types of radars in the battle zone and allocates them to trainee operators.

Student Console 2 Student Console 3

Student Console

Trainee operators function on student consoles. Respective radar controls, switches and displays are generated on the workstation by the simulation software and function lifelike.

Student consoles display the operational scenario as seen by their radar. The displays dynamically change as per simulated time depending on the operational situation at that time and show position of various aircrafts. ECM action by enemy aircraft is appropriately displayed on the simulated radar screens allowing the student to recognize and study the patterns and take ECCM. Student’s response to the ECM situation is recorded for analysis and drawing lessons during debrief.

Students are assessed for their capability to track their targets through ECM and speed in tackling the situation.